name kimmy
birthday 090202
pronouns they/he/she
loml kim jonghyun

im kimmy and i am The #1 Juliette Era Jjong Enthusiast. i've been a shawol since 2009 rdd era & i am forever grateful and blessed to have known shinee for so long and exist in the same time as them. they r really my everything and i can never repay them for the happiness they've brought me over the years. sad blinger but aren't we all. i love jonghyun.

black/taino/w. asian, ethnic jew, nb gay

before following

do not follow me if you are/do any of the following:

- you don't like shinee/you're an ot4 stan

- you're insensitive to shawols/blingers and our trauma

- you're gross/bigoted in any form (racist/antiblack, a p*do, transmisogynistic, etc.)

- believe in "reverse" oppression

i won't follow back if

- you post heavily about present-day shinee and exclude jonghyun from the majority of your tweets

- u only post sad things about jonghyun/only talk about december. that's not how he wants to be remembered

- you won't tag "december 18th", i have this muted instead of "jonghyun's d****" because a lot of people (me included) can't type that out

tag me in

jonghyun (specifically: juliette era, smiling/bottom teeth, rdd era, pink hair, wearing yellow/turtlenecks, lotte world mall atrium fansign 161009)

jonghyun ships + minkey, ontae, onho

kibum (specifically: smiling, laughing, view era, rdd era)

taemin (specifically: memes, skits/interviews, live performances, wearing red or green)

jinki (specifically: smiling)

minho (anything. please i love this boy so much)

baby shinee!!! (2008, !!!2009!!!, 2010-2012)

pics of the moon and roses (for jonghyun)

other than shinee there's not much else going on here. there's more variety (?) on my personal account (@aiwaysbwithu) but it's still mostly shinee. hmu on tumblr @jnnghyun i tend to be more active there (zero variety 99.8% shinee, mostly jonghyun, 0.2% anything else)

that's all! remember we are blingers first and everything else after that. i love you jonghyun, i promise we'll meet again.

The color of the world without you is boring.